(Patent 8,807,378)

Product Description

We are launching a new line of garbage cans that have a built in bag dispenser in the bottom.  There are other feature benefits to this garbage can all of which are patented.  When you remove a bag full of garbage, the next bag pops up similar to Kleenex.  In addition, for those customers that don’t want to replace their garbage can, we have developed a retrofit version of this product (patent pending).  This will allow someone the same benefits with their existing garbage can.  Lastly, we have developed unique packaging of the trash bags to support both products (patent pending).


Changing the trash is a necessary process for everyone but not one that adds value to a company and one that family members tend to dread.  Making this process easier and faster is at the core of this invention.  Also at the core is allowing this process to be improved without requiring someone to purchase a new trash can.  By designing a system that can easily be installed with minimal effort and removed periodically to be cleaned and place a new pack of trash bags should accomplish these goals.  Many trash bag dispensers utilize a roll of trash bags.  We don’t like this design as it requires additional space and clearance for the roll to be able to un-roll.  By designing a pillow pack that stores the bags in a “c-fold” or accordion format will allow the bags to be dispensed more easily.  By storing the bags in a plastic pillow pack this allows us the opportunity to treat the container with an anti-microbial such as “Duraban.”  The disposable nature of the package prevents it from getting soiled/contaminated as compared to those that are a permanent housing that are continually refilled with rolls of bags.  

Marketing/Sales Method

Commercial and residential market.