Bright-Ideaz was formed to become a think tank for transformation in all that we are involved in.  We bring years of experience and expertise around the topic of re-invention or transformation.  Below is a quick summary for each of our brands and how this all fits together.


AMP-  Many dentists are great at the technical skills of dentistry but struggle to be as profitable as they deserve.  Often the cause of this is the limited business and leadership training they get in dental school.  We are in the process of transforming how “dental consulting” works by changing it to more of a model of coaching.  Our simples illustration is of this is the comes from Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie who is credited for the saying ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’  Our goal is to not only improve a practice but to teach the doctors our methodology so they can apply it for a lifetime.  We use a lot of neurology and psychology to accomplish this and as a result generate 30-50% revenue growth within 12 months time.
Dental Brokerage–  this is a process that has not transformed at all in many many years and yet the consumers (young dentists) are attempting to interact with the process differently.  We also see the selling doctors often express frustration at the lack of communication in this process.  While we aren’t brokers ourselves we are in the process of transforming how this process is done.  Standby for updates as we roll out more and more in this space.
My Lasting Change– this brand was born as an accident when we have AMP clients wanting to know how to get their families exposed to our teachings.  We state this because we teach much of our transformation process within that brand with experiential learning and using the metaphor of personal growth as the vehicle.  As a result we see people seeing success for the first time in their lives in the areas of:  health and wellness (ie weight loss), marriages, personal finances.  This brand allows us to teach much of the same content to the general public
Government – We have been approached to take many of our same services and expertise to the federal and state governments as well.  If you think about it, the government is the largest consumer of products and services in the world.  They also struggle with moral, efficiencies and many of the same challenges that small business face.  Our process of transformation turns out works here as well.  

Our company owns a bunch of intellectual property in the form of patents and trademarks.  We have helped inventors get their products further down the development road as it can be a tricky process to say the least.  You can see a few examples listed and look for more as we add them as our clients give us permission to share their products with you.